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Every Day 6 bicycle includes either a 16" Contour Seat or 13" Sport Seat, our contoured and adjustable Ergo S'port Backrest, and our patented frame for exceptional comfort and ergonomics.


The RevElation features Bafang’s ultra smooth 500W/48V rear hub motor, 180mm disc brakes, E-bike 50 rated Kenda Kwik Drumlin 26×2.20 tires, 10 speed rear derailleur with clutch and no front derailleur for easy shifting, fantastic ergonomics, choice of lithium ion batteries that lock to the down tube, throttle, and unbelievable comfort.

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For simplicity, comfort, and practicality, nothing beats the Dream8. One shifter and derailleur for easy shifting along with every comfort feature and the acclaimed ergonomics of our higher priced bicycles. Our number one selling bike, the Dream8 is fun to ride from the flats to moderately steep terrain. From city streets and suburban trails to back country roads.

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The Journey8 comes with the easy shifting, internally geared Nexus8 hub by Shimano. This is a low maintenance hub that eliminates multiple chain rings and the derailleur and allows you to shift when stopped or on the move without pedaling.

The Journey8 comes with disc brakes and, as always, has Day 6’s trademark comfort and ergonomics which make riding a bicycle so much fun.

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Before purchasing a comfort bike or recumbent, check out the Dream24!  Its full-size wheels, impressive cornering and braking, easy on and off, great visibility, and legendary comfort and ergonomics make this a fantastic choice for commuting, errand running, fitness, or just leisurely rides on the local path.
Dream24’s have 180mm disc brakes for more stopping power so they are perfect for adding an electric system at a later date.

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