Enjoy Biking Again

Every Day 6 Bicycle includes either a 16" Contour Seat or 13" Sport Seat, our contoured and adjustable Ergo S'port Backrest, and our patented frame for exceptional comfort and ergonomics.

Lives Changed

80 years old and Day Sixing 6 days a week!


in LA

Best bike ever for a guy with a bad back. 3,000 miles this year!



The wide seat takes the cake, it is the best seat on the market and the backrest helps like 90% of the ride.



Before I got my Day 6 bike I had given up on biking.



Walking hurts, running is out of the question, but the unique design of the Dream 8 makes biking a possibility.


What I love is this bike allows me to ride after two knee replacements, four spine surgeries, a broken hip, and two shoulder replacements!



Just turned 70 and I would not be riding today if I still had to use my old bike with the high bar and drop bars.



One of the best purchases I have made for my health and well being!

Steve B.


Your bike is a near perfect example of what is missing from our market place right now.


Day 6 Features & Benefits

Extended Handlebars

Bending over the handlebars and putting stress on wrists, low back, shoulders, and crotch is eliminated with Day 6. Sit up relaxed and ride confidently in a stress free position.

A Frame Built For You

A lowered center of gravity improves cornering and braking and allows riders to put BOTH feet on the ground when stopped for the majority of people.

Contoured Backrest and Seat

A one-of-a-kind contoured backrest and wide seat provide a comfortable and pain-free experience for mile after mile - virtually unrivaled in the bicycle industry!

See Day 6 In Action!